Who We Are

About Affordable Therapy Ontario

Affordable Therapy Ontario (ATO) came from a desire to meet the ever-increasing demand for low-cost therapy. ATO is offered by Building Bridges Psychotherapy, an inclusive, diverse, and relationship-focused psychotherapy practice with several locations in southern Ontario.


The goal of ATO is simple

We do not want money to be a barrier to accessing therapy. We wanted to create a simple process to access therapy, where you start by naming how much you can afford for a 1hr session.

ATO also functions as an educational practice

We are a training centre for burgeoning student therapists to gain valuable practical experience and high quality supervision. As such, many of our therapists at ATO are therapist interns completing their practicum. Every single one of our therapist interns have gone through extensive master’s level training and are closely supervised by our team of experienced clinical supervisors.


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To learn more about our story, our values, our areas of focus, and how we do therapy, please visit our website, bbtherapy.ca.